Are you seeking a versatile solution for your home and gardening needs?

Discover Woody Doolittle Trailer MFG.’s range of durable utility trailers. Perfect for light commercial duties, these trailers come with features designed for fuel efficiency and longevity.

With a unique two-part Epoxy Primer and Polyurethane Paint, they withstand rust and corrosion.

Backed by a 1-year structural warranty and excellent customer support, these trailers provide not just functionality, but also peace of mind.

Doolittle Woody

Trailer Features

The utility trailers offered by Woody Doolittle Trailer MFG are notably versatile, ideally suited for home and garden usage, and can also handle light duty commercial tasks. They boast a unique design that includes a 4 mesh gate that folds flat to maximize fuel economy.

The 4 mesh gate presents significant advantages, such as increased visibility and airflow, which makes it an ideal feature for hauling plants or small animals. Additionally, its ability to fold flat contributes to enhanced fuel economy benefits, as it reduces air resistance while driving.

The remarkable durability and robust construction of these trailers make them an exceptional investment. Furthermore, their design, loaded with features, is universally recognized as the best value trailer in its class, providing a practical balance of utility and cost-effectiveness.

Construction and Longevity

Constructed with a two-part epoxy primer, these units demonstrate impressive durability and are designed to stand the test of time. The benefits of epoxy primer in trailer construction are evident in the longevity of these products. It creates a strong, protective layer that is resistant to chipping, cracking and peeling, thereby increasing the trailer’s life span.

  1. The two-part epoxy primer improves the trailer’s durability by providing a solid and robust foundation.
  2. The subsequent application of a two-part Polyurethane Paint enhances the trailer’s appearance while adding another layer of protection.
  3. This paint is proven to be more durable than a powder coat, effectively safeguarding the trailer against harsh weather conditions and heavy use.
  4. This combination of primer and paint not only guarantees the unit’s longevity but also ensures it can handle any task, further demonstrating its versatility.

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Customer Feedback and Warranty

Significant importance is placed on customer feedback and warranty when it comes to Woody Doolittle Trailers.

Customer satisfaction is held in high regard, as the company values the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of its clients. The sharing of feedback enables the company to continuously improve its products and services, thereby ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction.

In addition, the company offers a 1-year structural warranty, further underlining its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The warranty serves as a testament to the durability and reliability of the trailers.

Furthermore, the use of a two-part Polyurethane Paint in the construction ensures superior paint protection, guarding against rust and corrosion, enhancing the trailer’s appearance, and ensuring long-lasting beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of maintenance are required for the utility trailer?

Maintenance for the utility trailer involves regular tire care for optimal performance and longevity, and routine hitch inspections to ensure secure and safe connections. Both are crucial to maintain its versatility and durability.

Can the trailer’s gate be removed or adjusted for different load sizes?

The functionality of the trailer’s gate is indeed adjustable, possessing a 4-mesh design that folds flat to facilitate various load sizes. This flexibility significantly enhances load securing, accommodating a diverse range of cargo dimensions.

What is the weight capacity of the utility trailer?

The weight capacity of the utility trailer predominantly depends on its construction materials and the hitching process. Detailed specifications regarding the maximum load limit should be obtained from the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Are there different size options available for this model of utility trailer?

The model’s size options are not explicitly mentioned in the provided information. However, trailer customization may allow for diverse size choices, contingent on hitch compatibility and the intended utility requirements. Further inquiry is recommended.

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